This website is pretty good. The background is from the last century, but I think that will be solved in no time. It offers good deals on Surveillance DVR, which is security system, and also has a wide variety of camera software. The cameras are connect to webcam surveillance server, which keeps them up to date. It has some really good 2D and 3D animators which are user-friendly and are very easy to use even for novices. Also, it has very interesting screensavers. The PYSoft Broadcaster is a program that broadcasts videos, shows, movies etc., from around the world, and it is really fast to download. It offers other kind of camera, like the stealth camera, that it is almost impossible to spot. The web camera software is used for cameras that people purchase and use to chat, talk etc., with someone else around the world. They have a great support team, available 24/7, which will do anything to solve customer’s problems. If you want you can be a partner. As it is stated on the site, they gave a discount of 80% for their resellers. You will resell their software, and drive traffic to their site, and you will be paid for that kind of business.